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Mixed restling scissors

The Secretary IS the BOSS

"Well you think women should just be secretaries eh? Is that what you think? Just because I'm doing paperwork at a desk I'm just a secretary? And you want to deal with the Boss only. And because you think only a man is in charge that I'm just the hired help here? I'm going to teach you a lesson about girls being in charge. I hope you squirm like a little piggy with my 27 inch thighs gripped around your head squeezing you without mercy. I'll show you what a Boss can do!!" Beatdown and scissoring with an Ebony Amazon.

Smothered under my Ass and Boots
They can fight all they want but you have complete control. I'm 195 lbs. He can't get out from under me. He's smothered under my ass. I love to make a man submit. Your face is my pillow bitch. This is total control in the home. Now start kissing these boots. Suck em. Worship them.
Facesitting FemDom POV with her victim trapped under her ass. Smothered and helpless while she humiliates him from above. After he submits she forces him to worship and lick her boots. Trash talking humiliation by an ebony amazon.

Catfighting Amazons
Afrika vs Francesca Le Afrika catfighting with Francesca Le Catfighting with Francesca Le

CatFighting Amazons

Francesca Le vs Ebony Amazon Afrika in a knockdown drag out battle for wrestling supremecy. Each one wants to annihilate the other. Destroy the bitch and make her suffer. Humiliate the loser and force her to submit and eat the mat with her face. Francesca gets in some good chokes on Afrika getting her on the mat and her holding her down with her sexy thighs. But Afrika turns the tables and gets an ankle lock on her and makes her suffer twisting her ankle and making her writhe around in pain.

Ebony Amazon Afrika turns on the heat for sexy Francesca Le using her brute strength to mangle her. She snatches her up like a toy and squeezes the breath out of her folding her in half like a cheap wallet. She walks around with her folded in half and squeezing her body finally tossing her to the floor like a childs toy. She wraps those giant 28 inch thighs around her waist in a cobra squeeze and Francesca is left gasping for air with her waist squeezed down to the width of a sheet of paper. Amazon Afrika pounds her fist into Francescas chest laughing at her challenging her to try and do something. while she crushes her body between her gigantic ebony thighs.

Female Wrestling in The Arena with Afrika
Superheroine wrestling with Francesca Le vs Afrika
Scissorvixen Afrika female wrestling holds female wrestling clips

"THE ARENA" PRESENTED BY AFRIKA - Inside the Members Lounge Now!

Girls Wrestling and Fighting in Winner takes all matches. Afrika invites all girls that fight to come and compete inside "The Arena". Muscle girls, Superheroines, Catfighters, Female wrestlers, Streetfighters. Any and all girls that LOve to fight and compete will be looking to brawl and dominate in Afrika's Arena.

Girls that LOVe to fight in the S. Cal area, Contact us HERE for details and to compete.

Mixed wrestling Domination Previews

Headscissors POV by scissorvixen Ebony Amazon Afrika

My Squeeze Toy
- POV Headscissors and School-Girl Pins
All men need to know their place, Beneath me. The Afrikan Queen. I once had a nephew over, a smart mouth, that I had to beatdown and scissor his head like this guy. Had to put one of my socks in his mouth to shut him up. Ladies. This is also a clip for you. On how to train your man to be your little Bitch. This series features Femdom POV and has one scissorhold where I verbally humiliate both you and my now newly trained scissorhold toy.


Female wrestling matches with Amazons

The Arena - Available Inside the Members Lounge NOW!
Girls Wrestling and Fighting in Winner takes all matches. Afrika invites all girls that fight to come and compete inside "The Arena". Muscle girls, Superheroines, Catfighters, Female wrestlers, Streetfighters. Any and all girls that LOve to fight and compete will be looking to brawl and dominate in Afrika's Arena. In our first series it's Afrika vs Francesca with Afrika in her superheroine costume straight out of the movie "The Watchmen" and Francesca as a jiu jitsu girl out to destroy Afrika. Each series will have costuming from a famous superheroine or television star. Grab your popcorn and get ready!!


Female wrestling and footworship clips

Updated: Forced to Submit

Muscle posing and foot domination are featured. Starts out with Afrika sitting on her defeated victims face and posing with her 17 inch biceps showing off her muscular arms while seated on her humiliated opponent. Then she decides he must kiss her size 10 ebony feet and be forced to submit under them. She holds his arms and presses her sexy ebony soles into his face making him kiss her toes. This is what you get for giving up to me she says. Submit to my ebony feet. Muscle posing and foot worship with Ebony Amazon Afrika

preview mixed wrestling clips


Mixed wrestling beatdown session

Updated: Beatdown Session Parts 2-4

He's got a mixed wrestling session with an Amazon and thinks he can wipe the mat with her and make her kiss his feet afterwards. But things take a turn for the worse when she gets him wrapped up between those tree trunk thighs of hers and she puts on the big squeeze. Figure four headscissors, choking and some very tight waistscissors make him think twice about wrestling with this Amazon. He may be the one kissing someones feet after the match.


Ebony Scissor Vixens

Updated: Beatdown Session Part 1

Ebony Amazon Afrika in another beatdown scenario that has some great moves. This Amazon really knows how to defeat and humiliate her opponents. She starts out taking this guy down and puts him in a headlock armbar combo. She breastsmothers him while trapped in a grapevine. Afrika's grapevines hurt like hell. If you've never been in a grapevine you need to check it out. It hurts way more than it looks. Then she rolls him into a waistscissors and begins a choke. She loves to choke out her opponents. This is not a choking matter. All kinds of scissors using those 27 inch tree trunk thighs to totally dominate. Once she has you between those thighs you will truly suffer the SQUEEZE!!! And be begging rather quickly.


Female wrestling with Shelly Martinez

Updated: Female Wrestling Crush

Shelly Martinez and Frankie Z in a catfight style/prostyle holds wrestling match. Frankie carries Shelly downstairs into her wrestling room dumps her onto the floor. Shelly wakes up from being smothered upstairs and attacks Frankie with a variety of grappling wrestling holds. Frankie in patterned pantyhose and Shelly in a sexy black bikini. Punches, biting, and female pro style wrestling holds in a bizarre mixture of catfighting, wrestling and pro style wrestling by these 2 sexy bad ass babes. Shelly Martinez and Frankie go at it in AfrikanAdventure studios trying to put the other down in a match filled with action. Female wrestling done in a style all their own. Two sexy female wrestling Divas in another action packed drama.


Mixed wrestling with Ebony Amazon Empress

Updated: The Hit Lady

A hitLady is sent to collect a debt from a guy that just cannot seem to make payments to the mob boss on time. She handsmothers, scissors and terrorizes him to teach him a lesson. In pantyhose and black gloves.
Empress in a clip featuring baby oil being rubbed all over her athletic thighs and sexy ebony feet and soles. No wrestling just foot fetish in this clip.


Lift and carry with Mistress Empress

Updated: Lift and Carry

Mixed wrestling with Mistress Empress in a clip with a large variety. Scissors, wrestling, breast smothering, some of her famous booty drops and even lift and carry up a flight of stairs with Empress in high heels. The end was left unedited with some bloopers deliberately left in. No we did not forget to edit this tape. Empress in black fishnets and heels at the end with instructions on contacting her to be in her videos as a victim. Who knows you may be her next scissor victim.

Preview mixed wrestling clips



mixed wrestling girls

Updated: Black Girl Power

Mistress Empress wrestles and dominates an average athletic male. If you like watching a strong black female dominating an average guy with no mixed wrestling skills you'll love this series. He's your average athletic guy that does not know wrestling and is pitted against a skilled black mixed wrestling powerhouse Mistress Empress. She manhandles him easily with her strong scissoring thighs and arms. This girl loves to over power and dominate. Mr. average vs a strong skilled female wrestler.

Mixed wrestling power preview


Female wrestling with Ebony Amazon Afrika
Female wrestling with Afrika Scissorvixen Christine Dupree Afrika does lift and carry

Afrika vs Christine Dupree:
Female Wrestling action featuring a very ripped muscular Christine Dupree against her much bigger opponent the Queen of Pain Afrika. It starts out looking like it might be a little one sided as Christine is much smaller but you cannot underestimate the athletic quality of a very muscular, in shape female wrestler Christine Dupree. Famous for her jiu jitsu skills and submission wrestling matches through the years she couldn't wait to get in the ring. Afrika starts strong tossing Christine around like a rag doll and lifts her up like a feather. But the ever popular Christine fights back and comes on strong. Scissorholds, Boston Crab, lift and carry, figure four leg holds you'll see them all here. You'll have to join the members site to see what happens at the end.

Female wrestling with Cristine Dupree vs Afrika


Mixed wrestling tickle torture

Mixed wrestling and tickling with Tiarra Female wrestling at AfrikanAdventure Mixed wrestling with Liz and Tiarra.

Mixed Wrestling with Tiarra and Liz:
Tiarra and Liz gang up on Alix, taking him down and scissoring his head and legs. With both girls controlling him they tickle his feet, belly, and under his arms without mercy. He shrieks trying to get away but these two babes are just having too much fun and keep him trapped with dueling figure 4 scissorholds. Severe tickle torture by 2 determined scissorvixens out to make life miserable for Alix. He screams like a girl while they use their nails to torment his very ticklish feet. We mixed in lots of devilish tickling along with mixed wrestling and sexy girls in this fun shoot.

Mixed wrestling with Ebony Amazon Afrika
Mixed wrestling at AfrikanAdventure

BeatDown and Scissored: Mixed wrestling with Afrika.
When your boss is an Ebony Amazon you better get that paperwork done before you decide to watch the ballgame instead. He decides the ballgame comes first and her paperwork gets done whenever he gets a chance. She introduces him to her human resources dept. The Department of Corrections. Where guys like him get a mixed wrestling beatdown.

Lift and carry by mixed wrestling champion Afrika

Lift and carry with Liz Lightspeed Lift and carry with female wrestler Afrika Mixed wrestling clips at

Ebony Amazon Afrika lifts female wrestler Liz Lightspeed up over her head in lift and carry sessions. Mixed wrestling and female wrestling clips along with lift and carry available now in AfrikanAdventure.



Female wrestling with Ebony Amazon Afrika

Ebony Amazon Afrika wrestling Vanessa Female wrestling with Afrika Mixed wrestling domination with Afrika

Female wrestling challenge with Afrika vs Vanessa Harding.
The Re-Match availible in Afrika's member site now.

After a humiliating defeat last time female wrestler Afrika and Vanessa are back at it to settle the score once and for all.


Ebony Amazon Afrika's mixed wrestling scissor vixen DVD.

Ebony Amazon Afrika's mixed wrestling ScissorQueen DVD

Afrika as a female assassin in AfrikanAdventure productions DVD "The Firm".

Amazon Afrika's mixed wrestling DVD called "The Firm"



Afrika's female wrestling videos.

Ebony Amazon Afrika's mixed wrestling scissorhold
Ebony Amazon Afrika uses her strong Muscular thighs to scissor her victims head inside her Steel Scissor Prison Thighs.


The Third in film series is titled "Death Sentence" and features female wrestler Shelly Martinez formerly Ariel from WWE. Sexy but deadly Shelly Martinez goes after Rachel in a bar room style brawl that has all of the action of a Schwarzenegger action thriller. Even Arnold would have a hard time keeping up with these 2 sexy girls as they fight to the finish in a dingy warehouse in downtown Los Angeles. The girls from "The Firm" are trained to kill but their victims are not going to go without a struggle and as you will see sometimes the victims are not as weak as you might think. Death Sentence is a sexy thriller with more action than a hooker on Sunset Blvd on a Friday night. We like our girls sexy and mean and Shelly fills the bill very nicely.


Afrika vs Onyx - Pro-Style Girl wrestling
Afrika and Onyx go toe to toe in a wild pro-style female wrestling match at studios. Onyx may be smaller but she knows how to fight and has lots of pro-wrestling experience. This girl really knows how to handle herself in the ring and surprises Afrika with her quickness and power. This wrestling fight is very fast with tons of pro-wrestling moves and some very hard grappling by both girls. Ebony amazon Afrika definitely has her hands full with this dynamic beauty from Los Angeles. Female wrestling action with Afrika vs Onyx.


"The Firm" Episode 2  - "Final Impact" featuring Onyx
The second in our "Firm" assassination series about a hit squad of deadly females is available now in our members section. Onyx is featured as an unfaithful wife out to swindle her husband out of millions. She thinks she's playing her husband but finds out soon enough who is playing who in this cat and mouse action series by This episode is an action packed girl-girl fight film done AfrikanAdventure style with victims getting beaten without mercy. If you like your girl wrestling action rough you will love our new series from "The Firm". See a free video preview from Final Impact HERE.


Shelly Martinez formerly "Ariel" from WWE shot with for her debut in our popular "Firm" female assassin series. Episode 3 in our series is titled "Death Sentence". Shelly plays a hit-lady from "The Firm" out to assassinate her first victim - Rachel. Sexy as hell and twice as deadly Shelly will star in more than one of our "Firm" films as a hired assassin out to liquidate unfortunate victims that cross her path. The second episode of "The Firm" is already in our members zone and features Onyx and Afrika. Clips from episode 1 and 2 are already available in our clipstore


An Amazon Assassin squad of hit women out to terminate their victims. Who will stop "The Terminatrix" in her quest to be the top hit woman for "The Firm"? Is there anyone out there that can escape "The Terminatrix" in her mission of death. "The Terminatrix" delights in humiliating and torturing her victims before the final execution. That ever present grin on her gorgeous face as she dishes out excruciating pain and suffering. How could anyone with the looks of a cover-girl be so cruel???? And so Deadly???


Go HERE to view a video preview intro from "The Firm"
And enjoy even more previews of Afrika's mixed wrestling videos and beat-down series HERE. Mixed wrestling, beat-downs, scissor sessions, smother series.  Afrika's Blog

Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax - Beatdowns and submission