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To all my Fans:

I'm looking for males in good shape to wrestle in future mixed wrestling videos and action films. Must be willing to take my usual beating in a match. These will be matches where I go all out and use a good variety of holds including my massive thighs to scissor you into submission. If you're a tough guy or a sports-man that thinks he's in pretty good shape why not contact me for a match? It will be taped and the material presented on my web-site. Absolutely no wimps or cry-babies! Please contact me about appearing with me in my videos

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Location: Los Angeles
Height: 5'-8"
Weight: 175 lbs
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Brown
Chest: 38" DD chest
Biceps (flexed): 17.5 inches
Years Wrestling: 12 years
Wrestling Style: Olympic style featuring submission wrestling.
Wrestle Mixed: Mostly mixed. Not enough competition in the girls division.
Favorite Holds: Choke from behind while in a bodyscissors. Headscissors. Boston Crab. Arm-bar. Figure4 leg scissors.
Favorite Food: I eat mostly low carb high protein foods. Very little junk food. Love Japanese.
Hobbies: Working out-any kind of fitness training. Running, and kicking mens butts while in a wrestling ring. Currently working on creating my own action adventure films.


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